How Is Social Media Paying Off For Small Businesses in Dubai

It is no surprise that Social Media has a lot of advantages in the current day. It has, undoubtedly, revolutionized the world. But most importantly, it has proven to be very beneficial for small businesses. Not only can the business find more customers on social media, but they can also have a direct impact on sales.

In a survey by SproutSocial, it was proven that 57.5% of people were more likely to buy

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8 Ways to Reach Your Customers on Social Media in UAE

Social Media is extremely crucial for businesses, as it has taken over the world. It is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Social Media allows building a brand and increasing its visibility by building relationships with the customers. However, not having the appropriate plan and agenda can also be damaging for your brand. Sometimes, your content might not even reach your audience.

But worry not! I have listed down 8 ways to help you reach your customers

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8 Digital Marketing Trends to Adopt in 2019

The marketing world out there is full of competition with even the smallest of things making all the difference between you and your competitor. In such a fast-moving, dog-eat-dog world, the need for digital marketing has never been greater. Beat your competition, create maximum brand awareness, increase your sales and much more by keeping up with these latest strategies for digital marketing in UAE.

1-   Snack Ads

With the overwhelming amount of ads in the form of videos that hit

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Digital Marketing Campaigns in UAE – 6 Strategies to Follow

Remember when Facebook was competing with MySpace and Amazon just sold books? That was only 10 years ago! In only 10 years, we have entered a digital-centric model of customer behavior, in the center of which lies digital marketing. To help your company survive in such a world, I’ve listed below the best strategies for successful digital marketing!

1-   Focus on Visual Content

Visual content is a necessity of any digital marketing campaign in the UAE. Visuals

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How Social Media Presence Affects Your Branding in UAE

Social Media has completely changed the relationship between a brand and a consumer. It has proven to be beneficial for both parties – the consumer can connect with the brand, and share their own personal reviews or ask questions whereas the brand can create marketing strategies after analyzing the statistics to understand their target audience’s dislikes and likes.

Companies/brands in UAE are heavily using social media platforms in their content marketing techniques. These strategies and use of social media content

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