SEO or Great Content – Which One is More Important


A question for the ages, something that marketers and website owners have always failed to figure out – what is more important out of SEO and good quality content? So which one is it? To help you figure it out, I’ll discuss both of the strategies below to see where it is better for you to spend your resources.

What is Technical SEO

For those who don’t know, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a method of setting up your

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Professional SEO Content Writers- An Essential Requirement

How does a professional SEO content writer help deliver not only a creative and original content but also improve the company’s ranking and engage more audience? Business owners do not have much time on their watch to write all the content for their websites, they also need to manage their business. That’s where content writers’ step in, but that doesn’t usually make it a high-ranking site. Why? Because content writers may be

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The History and Essence of Keywords

Are you curious about how we have more than 40,000 search results in one second for a single word? Thanks to Keywords through which we get most relevant results with a variety of options to choose. For a successful career in Content marketing, the role of keywords is pivotal. Those who are engaged with it knows its importance. It is used in the search engine optimization (SEO) for better search results relevant

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SEO Copywriters Can Bring Your Website Back From the Dead

Now, setting up a website on the Internet is an easy task. You can do it with the click of a few selected buttons, and then reap the numerous benefits that come with having an online presence. That’s all fine. But what makes your website thrive? What makes it attractive? What sets it apart? Easy, a group of SEO copywriters!

Website Traffic

Yes, this is something you definitely need. This is somewhat similar to an actual real-life business, which thrives

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How to Start a Career in SEO

Since it is a fairly recent marketing burst in the industry, not much is offered in universities regarding a career in SEO. However, panic not. I’ve a nice guide here to help you understand how to start and develop a rock-star SEO career in a few easy steps.

Are You Ready For This?

Step one is to be absolutely sure you want to step into the constantly changing, dynamic SEO/ digital marketing industry. Do you have the scope, skills, qualification,

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8 Ways to Develop the Right Search Engine Marketing Campaign

Search Engine Marketing or SEM helps generate web traffic, increase brand awareness and accessibility, and is a great tool to help grow your business in an active market through paid advertisement campaigns. The little blank search box you type your command into is called the ‘search query’. The order of the list of results displayed on the results page is determined by search marketing.

Let’s find out the best ways to develop the ideal search engine marketing campaign.

1-    Peak

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