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Instagram for Business - Tahir Azam

With over 800 million users globally, Instagram ranks as one of the most famous social sites. It offers businesses, whether small or large, an excellent opportunity to promote their brand.

There are several other social media alternatives, so it is only natural to ask why you should opt for Instagram.

For marketers, the main aim is to identify their audience’s life patterns and the social arena that will facilitate them to reach them.

As the popularity of this platform has grown over time, the value is obvious. One of the most interesting features is that they recently celebrated having 1 billion active users every month.

These users are also extremely interactive, and most log in daily. Instagram is ideally simplistic and the most private of the mobile arenas. It allows the customers to engage with a brand on an intimate level.

It’s full of potential for connecting with a brand more intimately. And if you think it’s just for millennials, you’re wrong. All ages and brands can benefit from what this app offers in terms of marketing.

Many service-based organizations hesitate to join Instagram because they believe they have nothing to photograph and upload. They feel that only businesses that have tangible products to sell will be a success here.

Naturally, brands with products will have a lot more to offer, but so will the service business.

Service businesses have the perfect opportunity to share pictures of the organization’s culture, current projects, your office, places you visit, or any other interesting aspect of the business.

Creatively showcase the work, utilize short videos to make announcements, etc. You will just need slightly higher creativity.

Most brands believe this is a platform for millennials and ignore the opportunities on Instagram.

However, this just isn’t the case. Even if your product does not appeal to the young audience, being on Instagram will do wonders.

Numerous reasons will convince you to get on board with your competition and increase sales. Let’s look at the ten benefits of having a business account on Instagram.

Reasons for opting for Instagram

Understanding the following reasons will give you a broader perspective and facilitate you to figure out the worth of this platform.

Visual marketing

One of the biggest trends that have lasted for the past few years is the involvement of visual marketing. People all over the world prefer it because of the ease it offers.

Owing to the increased demand, the majority of social media platforms have altered to incorporate the presence of visual posts and content. In these circumstances, Instagram has a higher quality of visuals that are also original.

Moreover, it enables you to generate videos and pictures that can be shared with several social media sites. You can also embed these in your business blog or website.

Enhance your branding

The most imperative reason brands must use Instagram is that it allows for the editing of the pictures to deliver connotations and emotions linked to the actual message. You can also match the branding with your images through filters provided by the platform.

For instance, if your brand has an antique focus, you can utilize specific filters to add vintage effects to emphasize the subject.

Similarly, if your focus is on the modern side, you can opt for filters that highlight bright colors and improve contemporary lines.

Pictures can also unveil a different perspective of your brand. Develop a strong business appeal through Instagram to show the real you to your audience.

Customers Are Guaranteed to See the Posts

Given that Facebook began to charge for advertisements, smaller brands started to face difficulty when it came to competing with bigger businesses. With Instagram, there is a 100% chance that your content will be viewed by the “followers” unless they unfollow it.

Moreover, there is no way that the content can be blocked from the newsfeed. This implies more consumers will view all the pictures and content. As a result, the recognition of the brand increases.

Build A Targeted Following Using Hashtags

Hashtags are a significant feature since they let a brand reach its marketing to people who are directly attracted to the product or service. Search for hashtag topics that best relate to your company.

You can find people specifically interested in that product or service and then directly target those people instead of wasting effort by directing attention to those who aren’t interested.

Most businesses typically use about seven hashtags in one picture they post.

Show your personality

Every brand has a personality and a story. Whether you are a company with numerous employees or a solopreneur, there is a personality and a story. Utilize Instagram to show this off truly.

Does your company rejoice in birthdays or celebrate little milestones? Do you decorate for the holidays? Any competitions between departments? Your audience will be curious about what happens behind the scenes.

Whatever you do at the office, take a picture or make a video and upload it. This will facilitate you to demonstrate your personality.

Track your analytics

Although there is no in-app Instagram analytics, you can simply monitor the date using Statigram. This website permits the brands to examine the best times to post; the gained and lost followers, when the audience is most active, the most prevalent posts, etc.

If you are going to employ Instagram as part of your social media policy, having your analytics is vital. Without it, all the marketing efforts are practically wasted time, and the followers won’t be converted into loyal customers.

Generate sales

With Instagram, developing images that are considered professional is no longer a challenge. You can easily utilize these images to endorse and highlight your products and services; at affordable rates.

As a result, a visual platform such as Instagram is not only accelerating the engagement process but also driving sales.

Moreover, research suggests that people buy these products even if the price is slightly higher than on Facebook or Twitter.

But you must be careful and not overload your business profile with posts that only promote “Shop Now.” Alternatively, you can use creative techniques to display the product to allow the image to speak.

Reach new audiences

Instagram makes it simple for you to discover new pictures, new businesses, and new people. One of the methods that can aid people in finding fresh content on this platform is through hashtags.

Just like other social media channels, if someone adds a hashtag to a post, a link will be generated, and anyone who searches will be able to view all of the pictures that are shared utilizing that hashtag.

However, you must know what the right hashtags for your business are. These hashtags can also be used to locate new potential customers.

Along with hashtags, Instagram also has a Discover tab devoted to assisting users in finding pictures and links with users that are pertinent to them.

Take advantage of user-generated content

Another vast trend is integrating user-generated content (UGC) into the brand’s content. This implies utilizing pictures or videos that your consumers have previously created.

Instagram enables you to get hold of this content to use or restyle it according to your own plan!

You can employ contests, hashtags, tags, and other ways to have your audience give content to you. This user-generated content not only adds to the brand’s reliability, but you get to share something you didn’t have to create.

Makes Your Brand Easier To Search For

Being on Instagram optimizes your chances of being found by potential customers. Recent studies have shown that most individuals today utilize two or more social media sites, which is a noteworthy increase.

A brand will have content on many different mediums to be effortlessly found on search engines.

You will have to use multiple online channels to build a strong online presence and reputation.

Although having a Facebook page for your business is a great start, having an Instagram account can do wonders to aid in boosting your general online presence.

Is Instagram Marketing right for your business?

With the emergence of new platforms, the demographics of social media sites are evolving. Even though Instagram might be a fast-developing social media arena, it is not the perfect solution for all single businesses.

This is because marketing on this platform will require you to put in a lot of time and effort, along with some financial commitment.

Business owners must pick out a platform based on their precise requirements rather than advertising on all platforms and exhausting their resources.

Answer the following questions to determine if Instagram suits your brand’s needs

Can You Share Appealing Images or Videos?

Though Instagram is a perfect marketing tool, it might not be the exact solution for all businesses.

The users on this platform tend to desire creative, unique, quality videos and images to capture their consideration. It is most workable for brands that offer products or food which can be displayed through images.

Brands that deliver services, such as accounting services, might not be able to offer a sufficient amount of images or videos for this pictorial platform and, consequently, must focus their marketing efforts on platforms that, too, do not have their roots in being image-based.

Is Your Consumer Base on Instagram?

Contingent upon your offerings and your client’s demographics, Instagram might not be a good solution for you.

It is imperative to really know your consumer base; relying on that data; you can decide if promoting on Instagram would be beneficial for your brand.

The demographics permit business owners to decide whether Instagram is the ideal platform to target their consumers.

This visual arena is a must for organizations that have products for younger females, for instance, makeup brands, hair salons, restaurants, and even clothing stores.

Nevertheless, brands that aim to target older men, such as accounting firms or body shops, must opt for other social media sites for more effective marketing policies.

Are Your Competitors on Instagram?

Another important question to ask is if your challengers have an Instagram existence. You can easily search for — your competitors by typing in their names in the search bar of Instagram.

Moreover, you can also discover them through hashtags that are pertinent to your brand to see what is presently being uploaded on Instagram.

If most of your competition is on the platform, then you should build up your own presence on Instagram so that your contestants do not take the total market share in the industry.

For this platform, you will have to need a vigilant strategy, reliable posting, and properly shot, inimitable images and videos to differentiate your brand from the clutter.

Tahir Azam is a Freelance Writer & Digital Marketer who helps different clients from all over the globe. He’s a proud father of Muhammad Dayyan Choudhry & Muhammad Taha Choudhry. Tahir has written over 6000 blogs, 800+ eBooks, and 700+ websites for all types of clients.

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