Romance Fiction – It Started With a Dare – Plot

It Started With a Dare

Book Name: It Started With a Dare

Genre: Romance Fiction


Jasmine is the textbook definition of a nerd; you would always find her with her head stuck between a book.

One day Jasmine finds herself with a bet in her hands while playing spin the bottle with her friends, the bet requires her to kiss a stranger.

She goes through with it in hopes of never seeing the brown-eyed stranger across from her again.

But what happens

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Top 10 Tips for Starting a Small Business

Small Business

What makes a perfect entrepreneur? It is a question that most young people require the answer to, but the problem is there is no fixed answer. All successful businessmen of the world have varying stories. However, there is one common thing; they all started from the bottom. Perhaps they have something special in the way they started their businesses. Here are a few tips that will help you reach the stars as you start with your new business venture:


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An Ideal Morning Routine that can keep you Healthy and Happy

Morning Routine

Your morning routine is a crucial part of the day as it can determine how happy and healthy you remain throughout the rest of the day. Set yourself up for success by following our simple steps towards achieving an ideal morning routine and keep in mind that making this routine habitual can be a key to maintaining a good health with a happier and more successful life!

Step 1: Wake up at an appropriate time in the morning

This step

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You’ve tried every major diet plan out there and found that losing those extra pounds is just not that simple. Feeling hungry while trying to cut down on food intake is one of the reasons you find yourself cheating here and there, placating your empty stomach.

Maybe you feel that you aren’t meeting your body’s nutritional requirements and want to alter your diet to fix that.

Or maybe you just want to reap the benefits of an easy,

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Beginner’s Guide to Keto – eBook Sample

Beginner’s Guide to Keto

Book Description

Are you tired of living your life in a completely unhealthy manner, and want to change your lifestyle completely? Well, we’re sure you’ve already heard of the Keto Diet, because how can you not? Every celebrity over the past few years has been obsessing over this diet, has tried it out, and has absolutely loved it.

Thanks to all these influencers, this diet that was once used to treat patients with epileptic seizures, is now a trend people

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Importance of Minerals in Your Everyday Diet

Importance of Minerals in Your Everyday Diet

Everyone knows that minerals are a vital part of your diet. But why exactly are minerals and why are they so important? In order to actually understand why it’s so important for us to incorporate the necessary minerals in our everyday diet, we must first understand how they function and contribute to the overall health of our body.

What are minerals?

Minerals are in the simplest words are inorganic naturally occurring substances which are present in different foods that we

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Alkaline Body, Alkaline Diet, Alkaline LIFE – eBook Sample

Book Description

Have you been feeling sluggish, tired and lazy lately? Have you been wanting to change your diet and get healthy for ages, but just aren’t sure how?

These days, with so many popular fad diets, it’s hard to know which one is the right way to go.

With this book, you can say goodbye to all of those horrific starvation diets!

This book will educate you on how you can lose weight, live longer, look better and feel

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20 Motivational Thoughts for the Day

20 Motivational Thoughts for the Day

Everyone needs the motivation to get through the bad phases of life, to capture that silver lining that can thrust them ahead, away from hasty obstacles keeping them down. Here a few motivational thoughts to improve your day.

  1. Today is not just a simple day. Today matters because today, you will have a choice of making a decision that can change your life. Either you can frown or smile, it’s your choice. Today you can either move ahead from
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3 Myths about Weight Loss You Shouldn’t Believe

Weight Loss

There are many different myths which have been attached to weight loss over the years, and it’s not necessary that each and everyone would be true. We have narrowed the super long list into the top 3 myths which you should not believe when creating a plan for yourself. Forget about these myths and create a diet plan the right way!

Myth #1: You should have a cut off time for eating

Popular opinion states that you should have a

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The Benefits of Being Vegan – A better Life Living Vegan – eBook Sample

The Benefits of Being Vegan

Book Description

Vegan is not just a diet. It encompasses a lifestyle and that too, a very healthy one. Veganism is a unique way of living that not only benefits your physical health but also, offers countless benefits in terms of nutrition and spirituality.

“Benefits of Being a Vegan” is a book inculcating of all the glories that veganism promises you from your mental peace to weight loss and what not.

The book will compel you to convert through basic

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