Beginner’s Guide to Keto – eBook Sample

Beginner’s Guide to Keto

Book Description

Are you tired of living your life in a completely unhealthy manner, and want to change your lifestyle completely? Well, we’re sure you’ve already heard of the Keto Diet, because how can you not? Every celebrity over the past few years has been obsessing over this diet, has tried it out, and has absolutely loved it.

Thanks to all these influencers, this diet that was once used to treat patients with epileptic seizures, is now a trend people follow to lose weight and change their lifestyle effectively.

Keto diet helps you cut out carbs, and replace them with healthy fats for your body to consume, and burn off from the inside. Still a little confused?

Don’t worry, because you’ll learn all about the Keto diet from this book!

What you’ll learn in this book: 

      • What the Keto diet is exactly
      • All about the process of Ketosis
      • What foods to eat on the Keto Diet
      • The foods you should avoid on the Keto Diet
      • The health benefits of Keto
      • Snacking on Keto
      • Mistakes you should avoid while being on Keto
      • A sample diet for a whole week, for beginners!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and read everything you need to know about Keto and get started on your journey!

Keto Diet - eBook

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