Use Email Campaigns Effectively to Keep Real Estate Clients Loyal

Establishing a loyal base of clients is necessary for any industry, but it is absolutely vital in real estate where you never know when someone could come poaching your precious clients. With this trouble in mind, you must be wondering how can you even ensure your clients’ loyalty.

Worry not because I am here to tell you just how you can use email campaigns to your benefit by using them effectively to keep your real estate clients loyal.

Email is

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4 Foolproof Ways to Drive More Comments on Your Beauty Blog

Do you often wonder why your blog doesn’t get as many comments as all the other blogs out there? Are you afraid that you’re doing something wrong? Worry no more because I’m here with 4 foolproof ways to help increase the number of comments on your beauty blog. Read on to find out more!

1-    Don’t Post So Often

This one might be a shocker since most tips are all about publishing regularly. But one reason why you’re not getting

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Christmas Is Coming – 3 Wise Ways to Boost Your Holiday Sales with Sparkling Content

Christmas always jumps up at you doesn’t it? Just yesterday it was the first of January, and today you passed by a snow-covered, fully decorated Christmas tree at the mall. Have they already started selling eggnog? Everyone seems so happy.

All of this tells us one thing: Christmas is on its way, and boy do we have a jolly good gift for you (ho ho ho) For Christmas, I am going to tell you of the 3 wise ways you

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How to Start a Career in SEO

Since it is a fairly recent marketing burst in the industry, not much is offered in universities regarding a career in SEO. However, panic not. I’ve a nice guide here to help you understand how to start and develop a rock-star SEO career in a few easy steps.

Are You Ready For This?

Step one is to be absolutely sure you want to step into the constantly changing, dynamic SEO/ digital marketing industry. Do you have the scope, skills, qualification,

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6 Tips to Help Your Fashion Blog Take Off

There are many bloggers online now, so what sets your fashion blog apart? That is the question you need to focus on right now, to differentiate yourself and increase the traffic to your site. So to help you grow and get off the ground, I’m here with 6 tips down below.

1-    Write Original Content

One rookie mistake you can make is to post content that isn’t your own as if it was something you created yourself. Never do this!

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5 Takeaways from Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty for all Marketers

Launched back in 2017, Rihanna’s makeup line Fenty Beauty has been included in Time Magazine’s list of “25 best inventions in 2017”. Since its launch, the makeup line has reached huge success. With such fame in so little time, this beauty brand offers many lessons for everyone, especially marketers. Below I am going to discuss 5 key lessons for marketers to learn from this company.

1-    Timing Matters a Lot

You don’t want to be pushing out

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Six Easy Steps on How to Win More Clients with Your ‘About’ Page

Your website might have many visitors but why is the number of clients stagnant? It’s probably because your about page is not fulfilling its purpose. An about page gives the visitor an overview of what you do, of your journey, of your aims and it is an integral part of a webpage as it can help grow your clientele.

Here are 6 steps through which you can woo people with your about page:

1-    Choose the Right Background

Choose a

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The 8 Steps to Achieve Ultimate Organization

You walk into your room, kick the shirt..or rag.. or whatever it is out of the way, step across the stack of books you always planned to arrange by chronological order on your bookshelf. And slump on your couch which is also your bed because all the stuff you threw out of your closet and are now too lazy to clean it, rests on your bed. You find Fruitloops on it and just as you pick one to eat it,

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