4 Foolproof Ways to Drive More Comments on Your Beauty Blog

Do you often wonder why your blog doesn’t get as many comments as all the other blogs out there? Are you afraid that you’re doing something wrong? Worry no more because I’m here with 4 foolproof ways to help increase the number of comments on your beauty blog. Read on to find out more!

1-    Don’t Post So Often

This one might be a shocker since most tips are all about publishing regularly. But one reason why you’re not getting

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How Is Social Media Paying Off For Small Businesses in Dubai

It is no surprise that Social Media has a lot of advantages in the current day. It has, undoubtedly, revolutionized the world. But most importantly, it has proven to be very beneficial for small businesses. Not only can the business find more customers on social media, but they can also have a direct impact on sales.

In a survey by SproutSocial, it was proven that 57.5% of people were more likely to buy

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