Ways Small Business Owners Can Grow Their Business Through Video Marketing

Video marketing

There are many different marketing strategies that exist in the world now, so much so that it is increasingly becoming confusing for small businesses to figure out which one to use to grow. But according to Syndacast, the video is the best type of content to use for marketing as suggested by 52 percent of marketers globally. The video is also cheaper, making it perfect for your small business. Don’t

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Romantic Thriller – Silhouettes in the Dark – Plot

Silhouettes in the Dark

Book Name: Silhouettes in the Dark 

Genre: Romantic Thriller


Tom, a ruthless assassin who works for criminals. He’s not loyal to anyone but his employer that too for the money.

Maya, a rich businessman’s daughter, is living in New York. Living a rather lonely and isolated life, she has trouble letting people into her world.

What happens when Tom is hired to intercept himself in Maya’s life, to teach her love and then abandon her when

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Seven Ways to Become a Better Leader

Seven Ways to Become a Better Leader

Becoming a better leader is not as difficult as it is perceived to be. It does not consist of a long soul searching journey or your personal charisma, but instead, you can become a great leader by adopting simple actions, some of which are mentioned below.

Actively listen:

It is a crucial skill to be adopted for anyone who is working in a collaborative work environment, let them be school group projects or large multinational companies. Engaging with your fellow

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Romance Fiction – A Change of Heart

A Change of Heart

Book Name: A Change Of Heart

Genre: Romance Fiction


After a bad break up, Esther decides to drop out of university and start a new life in LA, she gets a job at a bookstore and tries to stay out of trouble.

But when the manager of the bookstore invites her to a private party in a club, she begins to feel suffocated around all the drunk people and noises, when she goes up-to-the rooftop to

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The Difference between Branding and Image Marketing

If you belong to the group of people who believe and think of branding to be the second name for image marketing, you have been thinking in the wrong direction. It is about time you understand the differences that make these two terms stand out as two different strategies in the business world. The two are often mistaken as terms with the same purpose and function, but the reality is different from this wrong perspective. I don’t blame you, the

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