How the Value of Keyword Majorly affects Business

About 83% of marketers have a content marketing strategy but make them stand out from the crowd is going to be one factor which is, with no doubt at all, Keywords. Many companies are seeing about a 400% increase in their traffic by optimizing their content.

While keyword may be vital to search queries to find content on the internet like weight loss tips

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How to Stop Spamming – The Drowning of Content

Are you tired of seeing spammy contents all over the internet? You must Feel that the quality of content is declining exponentially. In 2014 Mark Schaefer coined the word ‘Content shock. In simple words, he described the drowning of content in today’s digital faced paced world. The decline in the originality of content revolves around different factors, it can be the context, reader’s preferences or the timing.

Not a long time ago

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6 Content Marketing Ideas You Can Learn From IBM

In the search for effective and more creative ideas for content marketing? Don’t know what you can look up to? We all need ideals and mentors or a situation that is better than the one we are in that we can look up to and learn from them. Hence, we have an insight into the perfect example you can look up to for finding out the right ways to do content marketing, the IBM.

What is IBM?

IBM stands for

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