Romance Fiction – The Menace Peaks at the Venice Beach – Plot

Romance novel

Series Name: The Menace Peaks at the Venice Beach

Genre: Romance Fiction


Finding love has been a struggle for Irene Janice, a black woman struggling to make ends meet, working numerous part-time jobs in California.

The idea of romance enthralls her, but her self-contempt hinders her from chasing it.

Throughout the years, the woman has struggled to make sense of her life or, more so, the world around her with a mental state

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Romance Fiction – It Started With a Dare – Plot

It Started With a Dare

Book Name: It Started With a Dare

Genre: Romance Fiction


Jasmine is the textbook definition of a nerd; you would always find her with her head stuck between a book.

One day Jasmine finds herself with a bet in her hands while playing spin the bottle with her friends, the bet requires her to kiss a stranger.

She goes through with it in hopes of never seeing the brown-eyed stranger across from her again.

But what happens

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Romance Fiction – Quarantine Quarrels – Plot

Romance Fiction

Book Name: Quarantine Quarrels 

Genre: Romance Fiction


During quarantine, everyone was locked inside their homes and apartments to protect themselves from COVID-19. Adrian is just as bored as any other 23 years old would be, stuck inside his rather shitty flat in Brooklyn.

Things seem to be going out of perspective; his world falls into being black and white when he can no longer go see his friends or even his therapist for that matter.


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The Tale of Two – Romantic – Fiction – Sample

The Tale of Two



The sky is clear today, and I hear the chirping of birds as I take a peek outside my ivory painted window. The sidewalk is empty except for Mrs. Jenkins, the woman who lives across from my apartment; I watch her as she over waters her plants once again. I give it a few seconds before I decide that’s enough for today—time to get back to work.

Soon enough I’m squinting to concentrate, the grip on my brush

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Romance Fiction – A Change of Heart

A Change of Heart

Book Name: A Change Of Heart

Genre: Romance Fiction


After a bad break up, Esther decides to drop out of university and start a new life in LA, she gets a job at a bookstore and tries to stay out of trouble.

But when the manager of the bookstore invites her to a private party in a club, she begins to feel suffocated around all the drunk people and noises, when she goes up-to-the rooftop to

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