Romance Fiction – It Started With a Dare – Plot

It Started With a Dare

Book Name: It Started With a Dare

Genre: Romance Fiction


Jasmine is the textbook definition of a nerd; you would always find her with her head stuck between a book.

One day Jasmine finds herself with a bet in her hands while playing spin the bottle with her friends, the bet requires her to kiss a stranger.

She goes through with it in hopes of never seeing the brown-eyed stranger across from her again.

But what happens when the next day she finds out her new roommate happens to be the same boy she had kissed as the result of a bet.

Now she has to live with him; she thinks nothing could be worse. But slowly, they start to find beauty in the relationship they hold.

Chase finds Jasmine to be a walking talking enigma as she fails to share anything about her and he makes it his mission to undercover his new roommates’ secrets, falling in love was never part of the plan but then again, is it ever?


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