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Should Small Businesses Use Facebook Advertisements?

Facebook Ads - Tahir Azam

The social media-driven era has mainly come as a boon for the business sector as it provides a perfect platform for marketing. In this day and age, starting a business is relatively easy. All you need is an innovative, workable idea that can attract customers.

Facebook, a pioneer of social websites, has revamped its structure to include business ads. For some compelling reasons, these ads hold the key to success for all businesses, especially small businesses. Take a look at

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Find out Why should a Business Use Instagram

Instagram for Business - Tahir Azam

With over 800 million users globally, Instagram ranks as one of the most famous social sites. It offers businesses, whether small or large, an excellent opportunity to promote their brand.

There are several other social media alternatives, so it is only natural to ask why you should opt for Instagram.

For marketers, the main aim is to identify their audience’s life patterns and the social arena that will facilitate them to reach them.

As the popularity of this platform has

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Current Trends in Facebook Advertising

Facebook Trends


Facebook keeps on evolving as a social media platform. From changing newsfeed displays and introducing timelines, and adding new specs to modifying messenger and whatnot, Facebook also keeps adding new features to enhance and improve the Facebook advertising experience. So let’s talk about the current trends in advertising on Facebook.

Stop motion:

Just like there are ways to spice up what picture you put forward by shifting lighting and changing the aesthetic, there are ways to change the content

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Different types of Ads for Facebook

Fb Ads - Tahir Azam

Facebook is a growing phenomenon. It has grown exponentially in the past decade.

People use it to connect to each other, share their life events via photographs, video call and chat with each other, play video games, get up to date with news around the world, share their thoughts, build a timeline, plan events and join relevant groups, and the latest use of Facebook includes promoting a cause or a business.

You need to know the different types of ads

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4 Brilliant Examples of Content Marketing Used by Travel Builds

Content Marketing Used by Travel Builds

Ever since content marketing has been introduced, it has affected the way many industries market, the travel industry included. Instead of having to compete with other brands on prices and discounts, travel companies can now build entire relations of trust and loyalty with their clients all because of using the right content to market to them. This is very difficult often, but we see here 4 great examples of travel companies who managed to use content marketing to win thousands

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Romance Fiction – The Menace Peaks at the Venice Beach – Plot

Romance novel

Series Name: The Menace Peaks at the Venice Beach

Genre: Romance Fiction


Finding love has been a struggle for Irene Janice, a black woman struggling to make ends meet, working numerous part-time jobs in California.

The idea of romance enthralls her, but her self-contempt hinders her from chasing it.

Throughout the years, the woman has struggled to make sense of her life or, more so, the world around her with a mental state

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Hire a Content Writing Service to Build Your Online Reputation

Hire a Content Writing Service

A staggering 25% of your company’s market value is a result of its reputation. Thousands of users search the internet every day for reviews about your brand and its reputation. So what are you doing about it? The answer is to hire a content writing service to help. Read on to find out why.

  1. Content Writers Proofread Everything

Any content on your page will be free of spelling and grammatical errors with a content writing service.

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Content is Power – Offering Enthralling Content for Fitness brand

Content for Fitness brand

Are you a gym freak? Do you plan to join a fitness club? What to choose and how to do it is your main concern? Unlike many industries or brands, fitness marketing is at its peak, and it’s a necessity to answer these questions. Why would anyone join a fitness club if there is no encouragement or advice even the necessary information in taking the first step to fitness.

For many athletes working out is more

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Why Content Calendars Are Important in Your Social Media Strategy

Social media content

Social media is called the gateway to an ever-increasing global market. Small businesses which were previously secluded and unevolved are now marking their territory through their effective use of the World Wide Web.

Strategizing your goals and capturing an efficient method to note events and promotions on an annual basis helps increase the content’s social presence in the market. Content calendars help people (the buying community) make necessary arrangements by the business’s plan.

Planning is vital

Developing content calendars makes

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Finest Content Marketing Strategies Using Facebook Features

Content Marketing Strategies

Facebook is currently one of the biggest Social media platforms with over 1.87 billion users. There is always big talk about the ease of doing business and business expansion on Facebook, but very few can follow the right path and are successful. The reason being in the pool of so many users one needs to come up with an excellent strategy to promote his content.

There are many Facebook features that are always overlooked and not used, most

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