5 Tricks to Become More Popular On Social Media

5 Tricks to Become More Popular On Social Media

It’s the day and age of social media. A platform that originated as a means of staying in touch with your peers has grown far and wide and come to mean as much more. No matter how much we deny this, but the fact remains that approval on social media now acts as a measure of self-validation.

Through social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we constantly share our lives with our friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and even strangers and get

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Mystery Thriller – Come As They May – Plot

Come As They May - Plot

GENRE: Mystery Thriller

NAME OF BOOK: Come As They May


On the day of their graduation from college Crystal and Justin’s childhood friendship comes to an end when Crystals class fellow is mysteriously murdered, with the killer on the loose and panic all around friendships and relationships are put under strain, trust vanishes and they decide to part ways, only for them to find each other again four years later when the killer resurfaces and murders another close

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SEO or Great Content – Which One is More Important


A question for the ages, something that marketers and website owners have always failed to figure out – what is more important out of SEO and good quality content? So which one is it? To help you figure it out, I’ll discuss both of the strategies below to see where it is better for you to spend your resources.

What is Technical SEO

For those who don’t know, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a method of setting up your

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Romantic Thriller – Visions of the Truth – Plot

Romantic Thriller

Book Name: Visions of the Truth

GENRE: Romantic Thriller


Casey gets visions of murders before they even happen. When rich criminal masterminds begin to drop dead in the city of Washington, Casey fears if she doesn’t take her visions to the FBI, more people will die.

But what happens when the killer ends up at her doorstep with an explanation for all his actions, it lies in Casey’s hands to stop people around the city from dropping

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Seven Ways to Reduce Stress


Life can be an enormous thunderstorm, of constant struggles and chaos where it gets difficult to see past the dark clouds and to reach out to the silver lining. Stressing out and putting yourself in a state of anxiety is never the solution. Instead it deteriorates the situation more by swallowing you entirely.

Stress is not just problematic for a certain moment- it gets worse day by day and leads to a constant depression which is a real health risk.

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The Tale of Two – Romantic – Fiction – Sample

The Tale of Two



The sky is clear today, and I hear the chirping of birds as I take a peek outside my ivory painted window. The sidewalk is empty except for Mrs. Jenkins, the woman who lives across from my apartment; I watch her as she over waters her plants once again. I give it a few seconds before I decide that’s enough for today—time to get back to work.

Soon enough I’m squinting to concentrate, the grip on my brush

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The 6 Basic Steps to Writing a Business Proposal

Business Proposal

A business proposal is basically a document sent to a possible client to offer or obtain some products or services . Writing an effective proposal is tricky business, which is why not everyone can do it. I’ll explain the 6 basic steps to write a perfect one.

Step 1. Data Gathering

Before you can start actually to write anything down, you need to gather your resources. The resources I am referring to

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