Mystery Thriller – Come As They May – Plot

Come As They May - Plot

GENRE: Mystery Thriller

NAME OF BOOK: Come As They May


On the day of their graduation from college Crystal and Justin’s childhood friendship comes to an end when Crystals class fellow is mysteriously murdered, with the killer on the loose and panic all around friendships and relationships are put under strain, trust vanishes and they decide to part ways, only for them to find each other again four years later when the killer resurfaces and murders another close mutual friend of both Crystal and Justin.

These two long lost friends are left with no other option than to rely on each other as they solve the mystery of their loved ones’ murders. Everything depends on the two if they do not hurry more lives will fall into jeopardy.

This is a story about trust, friendship and learning to count on each other when the world around you starts to burn. Follow these two adolescents as they wriggle through a life-threatening mystery, one that ends up bringing them closer than they could ever imagine. Souls are at risk, and love is found even in the entire calamity around them.

Will Crystal and Justin be able to save the ones they love in time? Or will all hell break loose?

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