Why Your Content Isn’t Performing & 6 Methods to Refocus for Killer Results


73% content marketers report that their marketing approach works well for them, so you may wonder why doesn’t yours work for you? Don’t get too discouraged just yet, because we bring to you all the reasons why your content isn’t performing, along with some extra help to get you back on your feet!

Your Content Might Be Failing Because…

KPIs Aren’t in Line with Content Expectations

Is there a huge difference between your content expectations and your key

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Hire a Content Writing Service to Build Your Online Reputation

Writing Service - Tahir Azam

A staggering 25% of your company’s market value is a result of its reputation. Thousands of users search the internet every day for reviews about your brand and its reputation. So what are you doing about it? The answer is to hire a content writing service to help. Read on to find out why.

  1. Content Writers Proofread Everything

Any content on your page will be free of spelling

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How to Create Amazing Content Using Trending Topics

Trending Topics

Your audience wants to see content that is relevant – something that is happening currently in the world. But alas, many companies fail to produce amazing content while also keeping up with the trends. If you want to reach a bigger audience and get the greatest return on your investment, then one sure way to do that is by producing content on topics that are trending. To help you do that, we’ve listed below some tips. So read on!


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SEO or Great Content – Which One is More Important


A question for the ages, something that marketers and website owners have always failed to figure out – what is more important out of SEO and good quality content? So which one is it? To help you figure it out, I’ll discuss both of the strategies below to see where it is better for you to spend your resources.

What is Technical SEO

For those who don’t know, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a method of setting up your

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The 6 Basic Steps to Writing a Business Proposal

Business Proposal

A business proposal is basically a document sent to a possible client to offer or obtain some products or services . Writing an effective proposal is tricky business, which is why not everyone can do it. I’ll explain the 6 basic steps to write a perfect one.

Step 1. Data Gathering

Before you can start actually to write anything down, you need to gather your resources. The resources I am referring to

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How to Write Effective Content for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform flooded with extensively scintillating content, it’s like a totally new world filled with amazing high-quality content. It’s a place where most of the B2B marketers run towards. Unlike the typical WordPress blog and other sites, many of the Top influencers  are already publishing in LinkedIn. With better growth potential LinkedIn is still undergoing big changes and eventually, it’ll take the higher spot, but the influence of a post or its effectiveness on the audience is still

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Upgrade your Mobile Content with these 5 Simple Steps

Recent research shows how mobile marketing is plummeting in today’s fast-paced world with more traffic on mobile sites and relatively less desktop usage. Which actually means most of the users now demand not only quick response but better tools and content to engage with. According to the source: e-commerce more than 27% sites visit are from mobile phones or tablets. Which brings us to an important factor, the content with which the users interact and engage with. Its necessary to

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Leverage these Content Marketing Trends before the Year is Over!

If you are in for a successful career in content marketing, you’re in the right place. Success in content marketing requires adaptability to the newest drifts and trends in the world. With the advent of technology, we have stepped into a digital age, where digital marketing has meteorically taken over the business. It happens to be one of the leading influences of the fast-paced modern-day world. Many will agree with the fact

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Tech Trends Likely to Impact Content Marketing in 2019

In content marketing, nothing is ever stagnant for too long! While everything can change, content marketing continues to grow and become more relevant. This industry is predicted to be worth more than $400 billion by 2021. With the increase of technology in content marketing, it’s imperative that your company remains up-to-date with all tech trends likely to hit in 2019. To help you out, I’ve listed a few down below!

The emergence

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Why You Need Professional Content Writers in Dubai and UAE for Social Media?

UAE has an approximate population of 9.45 million, and the number of active social media users is about 99.26% of this population! With numbers soaring so high, it’s no surprise that companies are now looking for professional content writers in Dubai and UAE to help with their social media.A professional content writer can be the difference between failure and success. If you’re still not convinced, continue reading to find more reasons to

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