4 Brilliant Examples of Content Marketing Used by Travel Builds

Content Marketing Used by Travel Builds

Ever since content marketing has been introduced, it has affected the way many industries market, the travel industry included. Instead of having to compete with other brands on prices and discounts, travel companies can now build entire relations of trust and loyalty with their clients all because of using the right content to market to them. This is very difficult often, but we see here 4 great examples of travel companies who managed to use content marketing to win thousands of customers over.


Marriott was always a company that was associated with hotels complete with a modern lobby, friendly receptionist and all the works. But back in 2014, Marriott took the traveling world by surprise when it announced that it was investing in a global content studio to connect with the “next generation of travelers”. Marriott produced its online travel magazine, short films, sharable content for social media use, etc. The main aim of the contest was to inspire customers to travel around the world, all the while opting to stay at Marriott.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest is known all over social media for the amazing prices and perks it offers all of its customers. Add on top of those perks the fact that Southwest has brilliant customer service and you got yourself a recipe for success. But that isn’t all of it. Apart from their actual service, the company also excels at creating and distributing content that customers highly value. The company’s unique content is how it shows customers the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, as they design videos that highlight the lengths Southwest goes to for its customers.


WestJet is a company that uses emotions and cause marketing smartly in its content creation. One of its most cited creations is its Christmas miracle video which focused not only on creating a joyous holiday experience for its customers but also gave the whole marketing team a cherished piece of content that would always be appreciated by all future customers as well. This video is only one example out of a long list of many. WestJet has now become known for the “miracles” that it continues to create for its customers, and the videos it creates based on them always go viral.


Airbnb has captured the market by a landslide. But it couldn’t have been easy to convince customers to move away from traditional hotels and motels and opt for Airbnb instead. How did they manage to pull off such a feat? By using excellent quality content marketing and consumer experiences. It aimed to provide its house guests an experience like never before. The first step to achieving that was content marketing. Pineapple, a print magazine by Airbnb was meant to connect with the customer. The next step was its CMO, which looked to completely change online marketing by offering experiential marketing instead through Facebook Live and other such technology. The company has also experimented with many other content marketing techniques such as short films and blogs etc.

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