Why Everyone Should Wash Hands to Prevent Coronavirus


With the global pandemic reaching the time of its peak, there is nothing you can do that will help the Government more than staying within your homes for social distancing. Keep away from social interaction and wash your hands as often as you can. But with the public messages firing up for more hand washing, one must come to wonder, is it all that it takes?

Why is the Government telling us to wash our hands more frequently?

Coronavirus is

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Coronavirus Can Stay in Aerosols for Hours and on Surfaces for Days

Coronavirus Can Stay in Aerosols for Hours

When the virus was first discovered, half of the world chose not to believe its existence. Now that the death toll has risen to thousands, there are still people that deny this coronavirus exists. With the global pandemic, researchers were having trouble dotting down all the reasons that might be aiding in the spread of this virus.

Transmission of the virus

One of the most shocking ways that the virus is able to spread is through aerosols. Not only does

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