Current Trends in Facebook Advertising

Facebook Trends


Facebook keeps on evolving as a social media platform. From changing newsfeed displays and introducing timelines, and adding new specs to modifying messenger and whatnot, Facebook also keeps adding new features to enhance and improve the Facebook advertising experience. So let’s talk about the current trends in advertising on Facebook.

Stop motion:

Just like there are ways to spice up what picture you put forward by shifting lighting and changing the aesthetic, there are ways to change the content

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Different types of Ads for Facebook

Fb Ads - Tahir Azam

Facebook is a growing phenomenon. It has grown exponentially in the past decade.

People use it to connect to each other, share their life events via photographs, video call and chat with each other, play video games, get up to date with news around the world, share their thoughts, build a timeline, plan events and join relevant groups, and the latest use of Facebook includes promoting a cause or a business.

You need to know the different types of ads

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How to Improve Conversions Using Content?

Conversion rate through content

Content marketing can do wonders for you! Take for example the fact that content marketing effectively generates almost three times as many leads as compared to each dollar spent on traditional marketing . Not only that, but it also helps in lead conversion. Knowing this, it’s a must for you to incorporate content marketing into your business strategy. Read on to learn how to do just that!

  1. Offer Rewards for

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Tips to Help You Improve Your Client Onboarding Process

Client Onboarding Process

No matter what kind of company you are, successfully getting clients onboard is a skill. And it’s also a very crucial skill because it’s imperative to start your relationship with the client on the right foot. For most companies, it is also an important success metric used to study their progress and increase in clients. Having said all that, client onboarding is also a most difficult process. For this very reason, we have compiled together tips to help you improve

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Guide to Branding Yourself Online Through Twitter


Twitter, which started off on March 21, 2006, as a simple social networking website has gained a lot of popularity worldwide. It has become the hub for people to send out ‘tweets’ and express how they feel to their fans. However, it also gave way to various individuals to take advantage of the opportunity and the fact that millions of people use the website to brand themselves online.

While obviously, there are several different platforms that offer individuals equal opportunity

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Ways Small Business Owners Can Grow Their Business Through Video Marketing

Video marketing

There are many different marketing strategies that exist in the world now, so much so that it is increasingly becoming confusing for small businesses to figure out which one to use to grow. But according to Syndacast, the video is the best type of content to use for marketing as suggested by 52 percent of marketers globally. The video is also cheaper, making it perfect for your small business. Don’t

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Why Content should be Your Main Lead Generation Channel in 2020

Among those who are struggling to generate leads for their business? Are you in search for new ways to reach buyers and for your beliefs to be heard through the noise? If your conscience says, you are then you would like to read this article further because I’ll brief you about the best way to aim for a major lead generation in 2020.

Importance of Lead Generation

Lead generation for your business is important because, for a successful business, you

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Leverage these Content Marketing Trends before the Year is Over!

If you are in for a successful career in content marketing, you’re in the right place. Success in content marketing requires adaptability to the newest drifts and trends in the world. With the advent of technology, we have stepped into a digital age, where digital marketing has meteorically taken over the business. It happens to be one of the leading influences of the fast-paced modern-day world. Many will agree with the fact

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3 Successful Tips to Attract Customers to Your Travel Site

When it comes to building a travel business, your clients are the lifeblood of your company. But your clients are all shifting online now. Online travel sites are a $150 billion industry. This fact provides enough evidence as to why getting in on the online travel industry is imperative. But how do you attract clients to your travel site? It’s pretty hard, but lucky for you; we’re here to help! So read on to find just how.

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10 Tips and Tricks for Social Media Marketing in UAE

99.26% of UAE’s population is active on social media sites, making UAE a lucrative market for social media marketing . But the fact that there are so many different audiences from all over the world to cater to in UAE also makes it amongst some of the trickiest markets to work within, which is why every company needs help. For this reason, we’re here with 10 foolproof tips to guide your social media marketing in UAE.


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