Romantic Thriller – Visions of the Truth – Plot

Romantic Thriller

Book Name: Visions of the Truth

GENRE: Romantic Thriller


Casey gets visions of murders before they even happen. When rich criminal masterminds begin to drop dead in the city of Washington, Casey fears if she doesn’t take her visions to the FBI, more people will die.

But what happens when the killer ends up at her doorstep with an explanation for all his actions, it lies in Casey’s hands to stop people around the city from dropping

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Romantic Thriller – Silhouettes in the Dark – Plot

Silhouettes in the Dark

Book Name: Silhouettes in the Dark 

Genre: Romantic Thriller


Tom, a ruthless assassin who works for criminals. He’s not loyal to anyone but his employer that too for the money.

Maya, a rich businessman’s daughter, is living in New York. Living a rather lonely and isolated life, she has trouble letting people into her world.

What happens when Tom is hired to intercept himself in Maya’s life, to teach her love and then abandon her when

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