Low-Cost Business Ideas – Need a Business Idea? Here are 15

So you want to be an entrepreneur? That is great! This is the era of entrepreneurs, there is space for everything in the market and willing customers to pay for it. If you think you have all the skills of an entrepreneur but you’re just missing the “idea” you have come to the right place for we have 15 low-cost new business ideas for you!

1-   CreateChabot

Every business needs a chatbot and if you can create then welcome to

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How to Spend the Last 10 Minutes of Your Day

You have ten minutes till you fall on your bed to get the well-deserved sleep you have been waiting for the entire hectic day. You get to choose what to do with them. You can even watch a movie… as long as it’s for ten minutes. There are a lot of smart ways of utilizing those last minutes and here are some that we thought might appeal to you:


Try committing those last 10 minutes of your day yo

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Your Personal Branding Checklist

Your brand is what differentiates you from hundreds of other entrepreneurs. It is your competitive advantage over them. Once you have established your brand, you just need to wait for the green paper to roll in. Here is your personal branding checklist!

Have a Clear Purpose

You need to know your purpose m you need to know what you want. What is it? What is it that makes your brand different from the rest? Why would people buy it? What

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Musicians, Your Band Website Is Your Main Stage – How Is Your Performance?

Nowadays, it’s confusing for musicians to figure out what to do with their online presence. Chances are, you will already have too much to focus on, and so is it worth it to spend your remaining energy working on a website? The answer: yes! Your brand website is a chance to represent yourself, your artistic personality and of course, to connect with fans.

I am here to teach you how to perfect your website. Read on to find out more!

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