Musicians, Your Band Website Is Your Main Stage – How Is Your Performance?

Nowadays, it’s confusing for musicians to figure out what to do with their online presence. Chances are, you will already have too much to focus on, and so is it worth it to spend your remaining energy working on a website? The answer: yes! Your brand website is a chance to represent yourself, your artistic personality and of course, to connect with fans.

I am here to teach you how to perfect your website. Read on to find out more!

Focus on the Aesthetic

Before you start actually to design your website, you need to sit back and think about the aesthetics of it all. If your genre is country music, then it won’t make sense if your website gives off metal rock vibes. So your website should portray you and your music.

You and your band stand for something; try focusing on how to translate that into your website as well.

Prioritize What Matters

This will be different for every band since not all bands are similar. If you are a band that tours often and most of your income is generated from various shows performed, then your priority for the website should be mentioning things such as concert dates, tour locations, ticket prices, etc. If your brand is known for its amazing merchandise, then your website should prioritize marketing and selling such merchandise.

Appropriate Domain Name

Sure, it seems simple enough that your domain name will just be the name of your band. But more often than not, those names might already be bought and therefore unavailable for you.

If that is the case, then your next best bet is using a tagline or word that is most strongly associated with you, so your fans can still easily type it in Google to find your page.

Post Regular Content

Your website isn’t just there for show, you need to post on it regularly to keep it alive and to increase the traffic flowing to it. Post about your life on the road, pictures of you working, some behind the scenes footage even.

All of this will help you connect with your fans on a deeper level.

You’re Good to Rock Now!

Now that you’ve got all these tips down, your website is sure to blow your fans away, just like any of your concerts. Just keep in mind that your fans want to see exciting content and the website is the perfect place for that.

Tahir Azam is a Freelance Writer & Digital Marketer who helps different clients from all over the globe. He’s a proud father of Muhammad Dayyan Choudhry & Muhammad Taha Choudhry. Tahir has written over 6000 blogs, 800+ eBooks, and 700+ websites for all types of clients.

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