Romantic Thriller – Silhouettes in the Dark – Plot

Silhouettes in the Dark

Book Name: Silhouettes in the Dark 

Genre: Romantic Thriller


Tom, a ruthless assassin who works for criminals. He’s not loyal to anyone but his employer that too for the money.

Maya, a rich businessman’s daughter, is living in New York. Living a rather lonely and isolated life, she has trouble letting people into her world.

What happens when Tom is hired to intercept himself in Maya’s life, to teach her love and then abandon her when the time comes to send a message to her father, a man of immense power.

At first, Tom sees Maya as a job, but before he even sees it coming, he falls in love with the girl who’s the heart he was hired to shatter.

As their love grows, Tom fails to understand how this happened and with time he gets torn between either completing the job or betraying his employer, a dangerous drug lord to protect the girl he seems to have fallen for.

Along the line, Maya allows Tom to take a step into her world for the first time having no idea about who he truly is.

Things get messy, and lives are put on the line as these two try to stick together despite all the forces pulling them apart.

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