Romance Fiction – Quarantine Quarrels – Plot

Romance Fiction

Book Name: Quarantine Quarrels 

Genre: Romance Fiction


During quarantine, everyone was locked inside their homes and apartments to protect themselves from COVID-19. Adrian is just as bored as any other 23 years old would be, stuck inside his rather shitty flat in Brooklyn.

Things seem to be going out of perspective; his world falls into being black and white when he can no longer go see his friends or even his therapist for that matter.

With nothing to distract him from his miserable life and the demons of his past Adrian feels helpless, just when depression begins to get the best of him he is pulled back into reality when he hears the voice of an angel from above, Adrian rushes to his balcony only to find Murphy, the girl who lives directly above his apartment singing her heart out to “Frank Sinatra” as she dances in her balcony.

Adrian finds himself in awe of her and even envies her motivation to be doing beautiful things even in the time of a pandemic.

The two start talking and soon become inseparable. Follow their journey from mere strangers who lived in the same apartment complex to soulmates as the pandemic and the lockdown brings them together.

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