Mystery Thriller – Boxed Mysteries in Chester Heights – Plot

Mystery Thriller

GENRE: Mystery Thriller

NAME OF BOOK: Boxed Mysteries in Chester Heights


Two sisters Samantha and Julie, live with their single mother in a small and rather remote town on the outskirts of California the town is known by the name of Chester Heights.

Things remain uneventful, and no one really goes out of their way to change that. Not until one day a long lost uncle arrives on their doorstep hoping to stay a few days as he deals with business.

Soon after their uncle’s arrival, mysterious things start going on in the town that was once peaceful and intact.

People start behaving violently, and suicides start occurring even concerning those who would have no reason to take their own lives.

Samantha and Julie begin to notice how at the time of every mysterious event in the town their uncle seems to be gone from home, their suspicions are further proved when their neighbor Harley’s father suddenly kills himself, and he comes to both Samantha and Julie to help him figure out just what is going on and how their uncle seems to be right in the center of all the mystery.

The three teenagers find themselves caught in a rather scary conspiracy.

Will they be able to prove all that they suspect to be happening around them or will they have to watch their beloved town be consumed by rare forms of evil?


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