Romance Fiction – The Menace Peaks at the Venice Beach – Plot

Romance novel

Series Name: The Menace Peaks at the Venice Beach

Genre: Romance Fiction


Finding love has been a struggle for Irene Janice, a black woman struggling to make ends meet, working numerous part-time jobs in California.

The idea of romance enthralls her, but her self-contempt hinders her from chasing it.

Throughout the years, the woman has struggled to make sense of her life or, more so, the world around her with a mental state many around her, including her distant parents, have failed to understand.

Finally, the young woman decides to visit a psychiatrist after saving up money for almost a month.

As the story develops and her mental health deteriorates, she gets diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Going through her medications and therapy, the young woman starts coming to terms with the world around her in an entirely new light.

Things do better for sure, but the absence of love bothers the young woman to an extent she cannot tolerate anymore.

Outside her therapist’s office, one day stuck with her faulty car; she encounters a man almost the same age as hers— 28 years old.

Seeing the adorable young man, the woman’s heart starts racing rapidly, so much so that she convinces herself that the man is just a hallucination.

Recently diagnosed with clinical depression, the six-and-a-half-foot man introduces himself as Alex Lake.

He offers her a ride, and along the way, the two of them start peeling layer upon layer from each other’s lives.

With their gazes fixed upon each other, the two of them find it hard to separate after a single meeting.

Through the struggles of their mental health and their traumatic lives, the two of them slowly fall in love as the world around them falls apart.

Whether it is the reality slowly shifting its shape and revealing Irene’s buried past to her or Alex’s resistance to love and meaninglessness of his life worsening his reason to continue, the two lovers struggle to keep their love afloat and break up after a year.

Fate, however, has a different plan for both of them…

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