Why Your Content Isn’t Performing & 6 Methods to Refocus for Killer Results


73% content marketers report that their marketing approach works well for them, so you may wonder why doesn’t yours work for you? Don’t get too discouraged just yet, because we bring to you all the reasons why your content isn’t performing, along with some extra help to get you back on your feet!

Your Content Might Be Failing Because…

KPIs Aren’t in Line with Content Expectations

Is there a huge difference between your content expectations and your key performance indicators? If yes, something went terribly wrong. Your expectations might be too unrealistic and need to be brought in line with your KPIs, or vice versa.

The absence of Clear Strategy

62% of all successful content marketers have a clearly documented strategy in place. This might be what you’re missing. Without a clear plan to follow to achieve your goals, how will you know what to do and how to get there! Reevaluate your strategy.

Not Addressing the Right Audience

Maybe it’s not your content, but the fact that you’re selling it to the wrong crowd. Look for the people who actually care about what your content is – those will be the “right audience” for you. Don’t just keep churning out content for the wrong audience.

6 Methods to Refocus Your Content Marketing

1-    Research about Your Audience

Are you talking to the right and relevant people? Ask yourself this if your content isn’t performing well. Once you figure out the right audience, then design your content for them. Give them what they want, speak their language from their point of view.

2-    Study Up on Trending Topics

Your content might not be performing well because you’re talking about something no one is interested in. You need to stay on top of the latest trends so you can design your content around them to engage a maximum number of people and remain relevant.

3-    Plan a Proper Content Strategy

First, you need to design a strategy, something that tells you what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. Then start again by designing content catering to your strategy.

4-    Don’t Use Too Many Fancy Words

Prospective clients will soon lose interest when they can’t understand what you’re trying to say in the first place. Don’t use any industry jargon that no one will understand. It doesn’t make you sound smarter; it only makes you lose a potential customer.

5-    Reduce the Fluff in Your Content

Give the audience the hard facts, exactly what they’re here for. You only have a limited amount of their interest, so don’t waste it. Same goes for your headline, keep it interesting but also focus on its length. For example, your title needs to be under 70 words for higher ranking in search results.

6-    Convince them to Care

You could be doing everything correctly except the one big thing – why should the audience care? Right from the get-go, convince them why they should read your content, and this will surely help drive your content’s performance up.

Tahir Azam is a Freelance Writer & Digital Marketer who helps different clients from all over the globe. He’s a proud father of Muhammad Dayyan Choudhry & Muhammad Taha Choudhry. Tahir has written over 6000 blogs, 800+ eBooks, and 700+ websites for all types of clients.

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