5 Tricks to Become More Popular On Social Media

5 Tricks to Become More Popular On Social Media

It’s the day and age of social media. A platform that originated as a means of staying in touch with your peers has grown far and wide and come to mean as much more. No matter how much we deny this, but the fact remains that approval on social media now acts as a measure of self-validation.

Through social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we constantly share our lives with our friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and even strangers and get flattered by the likes and comments on our posts. With this, has also come about the birth of social-media Queens and even Kings, who seem to have thousands of followers for no apparent reason.

This points to a new toll that social media has taken over the world; the desire for more followers. Back in the day, people wished more friends, now they wish for more followers. Below are some easy ways to get people to follow you without going ballistic:

Post consistently

If you keep updating your statuses, posts, and photographs, your profile will pop up more on other peoples’ newsfeeds. Only then can your profile gain the awareness that is needed to induce more followers. Frequent content at the same time every day or every week is likely to create a strong following of consistent readers. Consistent readers is the key to growing a consistent following.

Prefer images and videos

People are more likely to notice a post if it has an attractive or powerful image. People usually skim over lengthy posts, especially if they are viewing your profile for the first time. The fact that Facebook now offers live streaming is also proof to the fact that images and videos are quickly taking over words as the dominant form of social media communication.

Stay relevant

Posts on globally or locally relevant political or social issues are likely to capture reader interest. They not only stir debate but also arouse interest because those events are also occurring in real time. Hence, it is imperative to stay up-to-date while crafting posts

Strengthen relationships

Followers are also attracted to the amount of personal interaction on your profile. If you interact, engage or even like or comment a follower’s picture, you are cultivating a one-to-one relationship with them. In this manner, you can ensure that they won’t unfollow your profile and will also recommend you to others. People who you have built direct relationships with, are more likely to share your posts and return the favor. Reciprocity is a huge deal in social media, so don’t forget to follow those who follow you.

Stay positive

Your profile should not give off negative vibes or messages. If you are feeling dejected or upset, it is better to skip a day of posting than to post negative material to lose followers. Be sure to post uplifting and hopeful content on your social media and inspire positive change. Moreover, be consistent with the overall message that your profile gives off.

Hence, for all those aspiring to get more followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other outlet, be sure to follow these simple guidelines. Moreover, it is imperative to stay grounded and be real. Don’t engage in excessively crafting the image of a perfect life on social media. Being you, means that your followers can relate to the personality that you have cultivated through your profile.

Tahir Azam is a Freelance Writer & Digital Marketer who helps different clients from all over the globe. He’s a proud father of Muhammad Dayyan Choudhry & Muhammad Taha Choudhry. Tahir has written over 6000 blogs, 800+ eBooks, and 700+ websites for all types of clients.

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