COLOR ME HAPPY- 20 Ways to A Happier You – eBook Sample

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There is no easy or right way to define or measure happiness. Each individual experiences happiness in different combinations of various elements depending upon their lifestyle and personality.

Happiness is referred to as a “subjective well being” by the psychologists. It is by all means a relative term. “Color me happy” is a complete guide book to your successful pursuit of happiness.

This book invites you to experience an entirely blissful journey to sheer happiness. Find out the simplest twenty tricks out there to instant happiness.

Cheer up instantly and maintain a constant state of inner satisfaction and self content with these basic guidelines.  Learn  the  best  possible  ways  to  live  with  yourself  and  in your society as a whole.

Strengthen your relationships and make most of your abilities. Explore your entire being and work towards the best possible version of yourself with these 20 ways to a happier you. Read now to color yourself happy.

COLOR ME HAPPY- 20 Ways to A Happier You

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