What Beard Suits Your Face Shape?

What Beard Suits Your Face Shape

What many men these days do not understand is that different beard styles suit different face shapes. Not everyone can pull off a French beard or a goatee, and it’s important to understand the dynamics of the relationship between face shapes and beard styles.

If you want to achieve the “optimal beard” and not look like an early 2015 Brad Pitt (yikes!), then follow these guidelines and we can assure you that all the ladies (and men, if that’s what you’re into) will be lining up to have a drink with you. So, choose wisely or face the consequences of a beard undone.

Before I start, keep in mind that the golden rule is that your beard and jaw should be in line to the extent that they create the perfect oval shape (whether you have a square shaped face or a round one).

The Square Face

For those men with a square face, it is usually the case that they also have a much-defined jaw line. So, it is the beard’s job to soften that jawline, and this can be done by growing an all over beard which is clipped close to the face. This can help you obtain a rounder look.

The Round Face

Avoid a long full beard and try a goatee. A goatee can help make your face look narrower at the sides and a bit longer as well. If you want to add a mustache, it should meet your goatee and not extend past the corners of your mouth to lend your face with a much narrower look.

The Oblong or Rectangular Face

With such a face cut, a shorter bottom and longer sides would look perfect. Even a chin curtain or a box beard can help make the defined jaw line of such a face shape gain a softer look.

The Short Face with the Pointed Chin

For such a face shape, a full beard that extends a bit beyond the face can help lend that face structure a more round and long look. You should keep in mind that the part of your beard that is extending beyond your face should be rounded at the bottom instead of pointed.

The Long Face with the Pointed Chin

To maintain a round look without having to make the face look longer than it already is, men with this face shape would look exceptional with a goatee style beard (or even a Van Dyke).

The Oval Face

This face shape is compatible with any and all beard styles, hence, if you have an oval face, feel free to experiment.

The Long and Narrow Face

The hair on your chin should be kept to a minimal length as this ensures that your face does not look any longer than it already is. Usually, such face shapes are very compatible with 5 o’ clock shadow or even two days grown on the lower half of the face. Stubble can help soften your sharp face shape, and this can, in turn, make your face look shorter and fuller.

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